Frequently Asked Questions

Where to Buy Electronic Components?

Buying electronic components can be bought from electronic component distributors. Firstlook-Electronics has been in the parts distribution industry for over 20 years specializing in distribution of hard to find parts. You can quickly type in the part number on the search bar above or on our Request for Quote page.

Can I Order Electronic Components Parts Online?

Unfortunately, the day-to-day market price change of obsolete and discontinued electronic components makes it difficult to sell directly off the website. Quickly enter your part number on the search bar above or Request for Quote and we will get back to you today!

Do I Need an Account to Order From Firstlook-Electronics?

No, we sell our component parts to anyone with a valid resale permit or end users that need products for repairs and research. We accept payment via credit cards, COD, and wire transfers.

How Large of an Order Does Firstlook-Electronics Require?

As a trusted independent electronic component distributor,your order is equally important to us; whether it's only one part needed or thousands. We strive to create a great relationship with our clients to ensure a long term partnership.

Are the electronic parts OEM?

Yes, all of our parts are originally equipment manufactured.